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    Arcade Fire “Porno” Magazine Cover by Jade Purple Brown | Graphic Design

    Ever since Arcade Fire dropped Reflektor this fall its been on repeat non stop. My favorite song off the album is Porno. The song explores male immaturity, female sexuality, and how males are portrayed in this day and age. The man in this song feels as if there is something wrong with him because he see’s the woman he desires as more than just a sexual object, she’s more than a “porno”. Wanting to experiment more with layout, I decided to make a mock magazine cover inspired by the song. The lyrics were used as a design element to make the magazine cover look like the real deal. I’m thinking about turning this concept into a series, but we’ll see.

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  7. Step by Vampire Weekend

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  9. I never really got there, I just pretended that I had.

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    Ty Segall.

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